What in the world’s come over US?

30 million people are said to be unemployed or underemployed in the United States, alone, FOXNEWS. Broken down, 12 million on unemployment compensation, 6 million expired benefits, 12 more million found part-time jobs to replace full-time jobs lost (approximate).
Yes, the times they are a changin. Remember your first car? My first car was a beautiful white Comet with a blue convertible top with a pretty medium metallic blue interior. What a gas hog that was, but I loved the looks of that car, and it was fun to drive in the warm sunshine. I recall driving to the beach with my friends. Those were the days! We were young and care-free. I wish my kids had less worries like we did. There were jobs in those days; walk in, get hired, start when? Can you stay? Now, a college grad can’t find one at all.  Last year, over 200 families with children in the town next to mine were homeless, some living in tents. I can hardly imagine how many this year. Most of the people in my family lost their jobs.Is there hope for the future?

What’s coming out of Detroit now that it may survive? Here are two cars that Fiat and Chrysler created. I believe that if given the chance, Detroit can produce some beautiful energy-efficient cars. Since my 5-speed 2003 Ford Focus got about 40 miles per gallon on the expressway, I’m going to have to say that they have been producing many energy-efficient cars. Do not expect all the construction workers to drive around in mini vehicles, sorry. If somebody needs a large vehicle for work, it’s their business. 2008 Alfa Romeo by Fiat, over $200,000 Can Dad afford it? Lucky; if not, take him on a little vacation, looks like Porto Fino, a beautiful video!

Click me for test drive.

2008 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe Limited

2008 Chrysler CrossfireCoupeLimited  $60,000
I checked another Flint, MI dealer website, but it was not up, so probably gone. Flint’s unemployment was over 50% a few years ago and Genesee County’s was 27%, so wonder what it is today. I lived there, could not find a job, lost my house, moved to Dearborn. I worked as much as I wanted to here. The above Crossfire reminds me of my third car, a light yellow Triumph TR6, no it was a GT6, the fastback, my husband bought the other, the convertible. Loved the lines of the fastback, and loved driving it, but it needed a blower at the feet because my feet baked from the engine heat. This looks like mine; maybe it’s my car.
Janet and Michael Roe's 1967 Triumph GT6, Indiana

Janet and Michael Roe's 1967 Triumph GT6, Indiana

Having lived in Germany, I say that we can save a lot of our natural resources and reduce our oil addiction with public transportation. Thank you, Jennifer Granholm; because of your tax credits, Hollywood is bringing movie studios here; one a couple miles from here to Allen Park, Michigan, if that’s still on. The federal government needs to see how we do it. Come to Michigan, we have water.  And it’s raining now, I pray for it and I thank God for it. It is watering our crops and filling up our pristine lakes and rivers, not too high, please, and thank you. Yes, we have water; no no they can’t take that away from us, or can they? Speaking of rivers, we need to do what Wisconsin did, they harnessed the river’s power and turned it into hydro power. I went to visit my son, and he told me that his electric bill is so small that it is included in his rent. In the meantime, if you do not want to run a generator in a power outage, would like to save money on your energy bill, or would like to camp in a primitive area like I want to do on one of our beautiful lakes, you can build your own personal windmill and solar panels for under $200 each. Visit me on Twitter if you want to find out more about this. If you are a mom who likes to save money, a dad who likes to build and save, or if you are interested in doing a fund-raiser, click my link.

Udate, I found a picture of my own TR.

1968 ? Triumph TR6

1967 ? Triumph GT6

Have a blessed day!


3 comments on “What in the world’s come over US?”

  1. The problem with this is that once Chrysler gets “up and running” again, they will send more jobs overseas the way GM has already promised to do. Most of the blame for all of this lies in the hands of the UAW. They have priced employees out of work. It’s a shame.

    And I will disagree with Chrysler products. Just about every one that I have driven since 1986 has been a heap of junk. But that’s solely based on my expereinces.

    If I ever buy American again, it will be a Ford. They stood up for themselves and said “no” to government help. Sure they closed plants down and had to lay people off, but it was on their own terms, not the terms of our gov’t who should have nothing to do with these corporations.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • You are right, I have a Focus, it has 120,000 miles on it, had 1 set of brakes and plug wires so far, but it’s starting to clunk. I had good luck with my Chryslers and bad luck with a Cadillac, and really was not happy with the GM cars. This Focus gets really great mileage because it’s a 5 speed, which is what I try to buy. The union, regardless of how we feel, is stopping China and others from dumping here which was the plan and what got US here in the first place in my opinion. Thank you, I was still editing this and got you already!

    • Yes, I have a Focus and it only needed brakes once. It has 125,000 miles on it; it’s got a manual transmission. I gave it to my son, hope it lasts. But I did not think it was a good looking car. I know about outsourcing. France and Germany had to pull back on that and bring companies back home. Our government is not interested that much in our employment.

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