Eating What Grows Naturally

A pesticide company called one day and asked me if I wanted my lawn sprayed for weeds and dandelions. I said, I eat my dandelions.” Learn your eatable wild flowers and greens, most are, find a list with pics and print it in case of a long-term black-out. Here’s an idea, buy a good weed book with pictures or get some Mother Earth News magazines and their Herb magazine; they teach how to make safe household products, and soaps, creams, etc. We do not always have internet and electricity.  If you can, get some software and a book with step by step instructions and build a little windmill with solar and you will be prepared. Try this one, Earth4Energy –;9  Peace!

Native Americans

Library of Congress

Last but not least, Mother Earth News:

Eat More, Spend Less


2 comments on “Eating What Grows Naturally”

  1. I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep on writing such exciting stuff!

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