Get out of that rut!

If you are a Christian, you may want to forget about last year and start your new year on Resurrection Sunday. (Easter) It’s Lent, so pray and fast; at least eat light healthy meals and forget the junk food. Here is a pathway from Inspiration Ministries TV and me. Acknowledge him in all things and he will direct my paths. Say that throughout your day starting when you wake up and see how that helps. It helps with timing; timing is the key. There are many gratifications of wisdom. Here are 7 life changers that we can expect; some abruptly; some over time.

1. Household salvation keep praying; they are coming back. Are we obedient or disobedient when being helped? Are we saying “I can’t, I don’t, I will”, speak in the now, “I am” and formulate our daily needs, “I am receiving” what? And “I love you, thank, you”

2. Increase. Evangelize; every one is important; tell them that God is love and Jesus loves them. If you can’t, mention something positive to them from the Word that you found by opening the Bible even randomly. Yoshua is your best friend, your today and your future; confess Him and believe it in our hearts and we will never be the same, He will set us free. Give and Increase, Yaweh’s will is abundance for me, variety, creativity, divine increase, opens the floodgates, pours out blessings, prospers me and mine, is my salvation for my afterlife, healer. Yoshua said,”I am the truth the way and life” and is a good, loving God. As we praise and worship, speaking the Holy Word, his words take on power and go out; the Holy Spirit will not return void. Be patient. Purging negativity; can we afford to repeat last years mistakes? – abiding fruit and answered prayers. God will show us what we have not yet surrendered, ask us to give it to him and do things his easier way. Power, don’t deny power of God, use it, believe it, be ready when it comes, step forward, move on it. No cowards. Do first before you have the means and as you step into it, God will provide if he’s in it. “My sheep hear my voice.” Pray and believe like you have never done before, then hear his voice and respond, do. Shut out the world and your stuff. Be filled with the Spirit. Abiding fruit: it stays fresh and remains, prayers are answered after you are purged of your way. Plant your seeds with expectation. Know Yahweh will take care of you.

3. Miracles come from God through you. Healing, limbs restored, unusual miracles. Pray and they recover, pray, pray brings signs and wonders. Let the young see the power of God. Peace comes and stays no matter what. Are we denying the power we have from the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, raise the dead and prosper? “Your years shall be 120.” Who wants to live long? Happy, healthy people, and if we are not, we can be. This is the desire of our Creator and He’s boss. Don’t let go of Him til He blesses you.

4. Dynamic and flowing faith and power like Niagara Falls. W/O faith it is impossible to please God. With it, you can do just about anything. My faith defines timing. Timing is everything. You can touch the hem of the garment of the Holy Spirit and your miracle will come every Fri and Sat night as it passes across the earth on the Sabbath sunset and the end of Sabbath at sunset. Faith is the difference between my today and tomorrow. In spite of all that’s happening with the economy, I can and will prosper. Since I am doing what the Word says to in the Bible, I will allow the word to bless my family and my business. The difference in my seasons is my faith. If I ask for it today and receive it, my tomorrow will change for the better.

5. First harvest coming to me this year. A transfer of wealth from a thief to me. According to the Bible, the Hebrews left Egypt with wealth in 1 day. A divine impartation is coming to me, a financial annointing from Yahweh received by faith. This is not a plan or strategy. It is not accumulation of stuff. It is not seed time and harvest, you must be doing that anyway. It makes increase almost effortless, God will make us see things and leads us to places; shows me His riches in secret places, taking us from emotional to Spirit driven. Deut28, where prosperity overtakes us rather than us chasing it. The wealth of the wicked is layed up for the righteous, even debts paid off! Houses and land, restoration of what Satan stole. unstoppable favor, perfect timing. Use the law of expectation. Give of our time, also and expect the Lord to favor us; we believe in giving but some do not believe in receiving. Yahweh calls himself the Lord of the harvest. Abraham tithed Meschizadek and Abraham and his seed prospered; that’s us. The reason for sewing seed is a harvest. Your time is a seed. Everything comes from God. Give of yourself, do his work. Talk about what he does for you. Even if you don’t think it came from God, thank him. Sew a seed of compliments and kindness and uplifting words to everyone, even if you think they are not good; are we good? “Our righteousness is as filthy rags.” Did we receive something helpful and not realize it was from God? Thank God for all lasting good in your life.

6. 2nd wave of harvest, a connection to someone who will help you prosper. Redeeming harvest from past years. We reap what Satan has stolen from us; when? Now. We will experience one of the most abundant years we have ever had. It could be all the years of our income put together. Don’t be robbed of our blessings. Think only positive thoughts; when you see something that irritates you, pray.

7. Unstoppable favor from God. A divine connection to a person or a place will change our status forever. We do not have to have him or her in our home or work; this person could be far away but through helping and praying for them, we will reap what they reap. If you do not attend a local church, find something on audio or video to feed your spirit and feel the power.

He was the light of the world but the dark comprehended him not. John 1.

7 Pillars of Wisdom

Part of this article from paraphrased


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