How’s the Weather? Wait a Minute, I’ll Change It For You

2012 will hopefully be welcomed compared to 2009 -2011. Comics or? Time continuum Warp speed as in Star Trek is outdated theory. Now scientists are close to entering another dimension. It’s a can of wormholes, since they have tried it before and caused the ship USS ELDRIDGE to disappear  in the Philadelphia and reappear in Virginia during WWII, the Philadelphia Experiment. I heard this talked about on the news when I will a young girl. The ship with lots of equipment and a crew disappeared and reappeared in a green cloud-like mist  and a wake of death and destruction fell upon the U.S. Navy, and other bads they do not want us to know about; which reminds me of the similar description of the mist Taylor Caldwell gave in the last day of Atlantis. Hmm. What were they up to there?   Space-time continuum – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“According to rumors in New Delhi, UFOs made formal contact with the Indian Government who were initially baffled without knowing how to react.”  Later, “These Extra Terrestrials are friendly..”  Chilling, not about the aliens, but the governments actually trust them. What will these Dr. Frankensteins do next. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oops, It’s a black hole! Oops, a word you don’t want to hear in surgery and science. 2012, MARS, UFO, ALIENS, Pole Shift, Time Travel, NASA, PLANET X, POLE SHIFT, MARS, MOON, SPACE

Did you ever get a feeling that  alien techies are here and stealing our jobs?


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