Michigan Smoking Ban

I am so grateful that L. Books Patterson came to his senses about suing Michigan for the wonderful ban on smoking beginning May, 1. Oh happy day! He did not have the money to man the bars and restaurants with smoke-cops. I want to thank all the non-smokers who emailed and tweeted. I  posted on twitter that we would gladly turn in the establishments who broke the law and we would do it for free.  Now I will be able to dance or sing in a bar without getting an asthma attack. I love to dance for exercise. I can drop about 2 pounds in a night and build muscle.  I hate conventional exercise. If I want to sing karaoke, my voice won’t crack from all the smoke. I imagine new people will come in who don’t smoke, which is the majority, so bar and restaurant owners, I doubt that you will lose money. I used to try to go into bars to dance and every time I  did, I heard myself singing this song and I usually walked out, unless it was summer and the doors were open. Now I do believe that I will have better health because I will be dancing more.


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