Antideluvian Angels, Greek Gods or Aliens?

In Turkey there are 27 floors underground said to be thousands of years old and the stairs and structures carved from rock cannot be duplicated today. Last night on the History channel, I heard him, unknown name, say that our students are being lied to in school regarding the physical evidence of an advanced society, pre-flood, in the Bible, the Antediluvians. He was talking about a gyro craft. Evidence of this ancient flying machine exists and is also described in the Bible, somewhere in Revelation. I do believe that starting Tuesday night at 8 PM EST, there will be a series of three episodes, hopefully the same one I saw last night. Here are some links, too much information to share.

Nibiru and the UFO Connection

Genesis Files


2 comments on “Antideluvian Angels, Greek Gods or Aliens?”

  1. My advice: Takes this with several grains of salt.

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