Are We Legal or Illegal Aliens? I Want to Believe.

If you ever took a government test for a job, they ask the question “Do we come from aliens?”  Being a smart Alec, I said, “Yes.” Even in Genesis I, God came, made men and women, made Adam and Eve in their image, made the animals, and did not stick around forever, but returned to their home in the sky, Elohim, God, plural.

Science corroborates ancient history and Dogan astronomers spoke of a star, Sirius, invisible to us til 1970, and spacecraft described in detail in the Bible.

Geneticist Crick studying DNA says it is more likely to assemble a spacecraft with a hurricane flying through a junkyard than evolving to humans.

Mars lifeforms found in earth’s rock thought to be from a comet. Nobel prize winner studied DNA, says an advanced civilization transported the seeds of life in a spacecraft.

Chinese history: God came down in the belly of a flying dragon and could be anywhere in minutes in his flying dragon. This god, Huang Di, invented the compass, accupuncture, Chinese writing and the Great Wall. Then he got into the dragon and flew off forever.

Archeologists study the American Zunis in the American dessert whose petroglyphs depict stars and the universe from whence they came. The Zunis say their drawings from around 1200 BC are of spaceships and ancestor spacemen called Kachinas who came through a portal. One craft crashed nearby according to their folklore.

Iraq: Sumerian texts, Anunnaki came from the heavens in flying vehicles. They wore boots and helmuts and floated around using wings. Similar stories are found in Greek writings and art, mythology.They had babies with earthlings which produced giants like Goliath, also in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Does that make us legal or illegal aliens?

Scientists say that beings can travel light years in seconds in wormholes. They say our students are being lied to about our origins, but in the end, truth wins. If you prefer what experts say versus what grandpa told you, try to watch the three episodes on the History channel this week. There will probably be reruns. May the force be with you.



UFO ART Resurrection of Jesus with spacecraft

Dogan – Unidentified Flying Objects


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