Remember that advertisement out of California? I love their concern to preserve our resources. This is birthed from lack; which is why many do not get on the band wagon. I don’t know how that worked out, since they didn’t want to run water to wash the rag; I never really formed a paper towel habit, but we are spoiled in Michigan; water water everywhere, which makes us complacent in water conservation. Someone reminded me yesterday at the flea market, that plastics are causing huge problems including the island in the sea, and to use paper to put Americans to work with the safer product. But if you search, paper is bad for the environment, too. Since I have collected several fabric bags from a gallon size up to the tote on wheels, I have officially become plastic and paper bag free. We can go a step further and find bags made from recycled materials. Reminds me of a little book called Lomokone Papers by Herman Wouk. If my memory serves me, the inhabitants of the planet were paid in carbon coupons, to redeem for necessities only, and their footprint was very low; the other extreme. (How about a sensible center, stop buying junk and save for a silver or gold coin?) I don’t agree with their population control, but I do believe that we need to stop buying all the junk that we don’t need nor want after we get it home; parents of children, you know what I mean.  And sorry, I don’t care what your numbers say,  any drilling for oil in or near our bodies of water is a mistake. We have plenty of land where the oil has been found and is capped, in Michigan alone, so can’t help but wonder what the real tally is on  oil in the USA. Check this video by Ringo Starr. Do you see any clack water, dead floating fish and birds, plastic water or milk jugs? We still have time for our kids and grandkids! Please do your part. I’d like to be under the clean, blue sea in an octopus’s garden…


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