I enjoyed the political views of Stuart …

By: Bernadette

Oct 31 2010

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I enjoyed the political views of Stuart and Colbert at the Sanity (or fear) rally. The only down part was the last C-Span caller, spewing his negative comment about how Christians misbehave. Liberals, do you mean Christian Republicans? Or Christian Democrats? As if liberals behave! LOL. I did not agree with “No mangers on the Whitehouse lawn, but may I say, “The founding fathers wouldn’t have wanted it your way?” but I like how you sang that, Jon. And who could disagree with cute little Colbert? Just state your case without bias and omit the name of the person or group you hate, is what they both conveyed. Who could get mad at the cute little Colbert? Not to change the subject, but I also notice that Dennis Miller has a way of saying the most politically incorrect fact, or opinion, and it sounds like, “Pass the pudding”, I read that when we are nice, we produce a honey-like fluid in our bodies and in those in our hearing. But nasty words produce a poison in us. so, lighten up, smile and BEHAVE!


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