Jesus in Glastonbury as a Young Child, a Christmas Story

Jesus went to Glastonbury with his Uncle Joseph of Arithamea, a tinsmith trader, and spent some time there as a child. This is a very interesting video about Jesus in England and about King Arthur. We Americans don’t know enough history. The truth is stranger than fiction.

Apparently the Christmas Carol, I Saw Three Ships was originally, I saw three Josephs. Speaking of Jesus, aka Yeshua, in chess, the king has the last move, and on planet Earth, Yeshua has the last say, so hold on to the good news till your last breath. Christmas is a time of giving and even a time of receiving. Some say they give a little to their favorite church or charity, some give a lot. Anyway, the Bible states that God turns it around and multiplies our gifts and returns them to us and when we die, we will die laughing inside in amazement of what we are viewing in the next dimension.  God puts on a show for us here on Earth and in our afterlife. Plead the Blood and believe, God is not moved by need but by faith, so be positive in prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, repent and send away all unwanted spirits until you feel peace and love. Yeshua said to imagine and visualize what you need like healing and prosperity, even a beautiful godly husband or wife for you singles. Put a picture of  what you want on your desktop or somewhere where you can see it every day and say, Thank you, Jesus, for….. several times with your morning prayers. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. He is love and shows us how to love and receive love. When we do see something we don’t like, we can pray about it. We have dominion over Earth. We can even subdue the wind. We have the power of life and death in the tongue. Proverbs 18:21. Merry Christmas!


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