America in Prophecy – It Isn’t Pretty

I had my second dream in a couple months that Jesus is coming very soon. For me? For you? Or for us? If you are visiting the sick, the prisoners, feeding the poor, being kind, even to bad drivers, thanking God, in other words, not a self centered creep, you have nothing to worry about. This very eye-opening half hour episode is important about America in prophecy from Shane Warren, on Sid Roth whose prophecies have been coming true, so consider this: From 1620 to 2020 it will be 400 years in America
There were 400 years in captivity of the Jews in Egypt until God had enough and had to let the destroyer come to the Pharoah and his people who worshipped false gods.
7 HEADED DRAGON in Revelation are 7 spirits that started in ancient areas and are united today: Eg: Ancient Greece- Restricted religion, Greece present day, bad ending. Babylon- spirit of confusion,  nation that worshipped or accepted false gods and violence, in prophecy falls, in economics, worldwide devaluation of money and no jobs. He had a vision that people will riot in US streets over devaluing of $ brought about by gov and the new world order, but Shane says he was told by God that silver is going up up up, so food and silver, not stocks and paper funny money. 46 states are short over $150 billion and are teetering on the edge of default. Who has the money? The greedy, won’t share, but churches have money to help, donated by us to help the needy, so people go back to God. OK, not all the churches will make it, the true churches will, so don’t bother saying that all churches are bad, seriously? No absolutes, please! While people are loving others, peace lovers, considerate, digging wells, building houses, healing, praying for everyone, donating, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ about love and forgiveness, how dare you! His prophecy continues: Signs wonders and miracles happen when people come to churches to seek God out of fear, but start now, and seek God out of love and thankfulness. Shane says that there will be huge areas, like cities of refuge where it rains in a huge drought, but the violent and greedy won’t make it there, I imagine. Shane also says that judgement is happening due to godless immorality of our country and government, but judgement is also good news for some. So far when we pray for rain here in Michigan and Wisconsin, it has happened, so ask someone to pray with you and pray for rain and for America, too. God bless you!

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