Injured in the Presence of my Friends.

I was watching a video a few weeks ago and a man said that Pres. Kennedy was shot by the driver of his car, his name was William Greer, Secret Service. I watched a few TV programs about it and noticed that at the time of the shooting they zoomed into the Kennedys and the driver was never shown. The man said, you probably won’t be able to find a video anymore. But the 1st video I chose had the driver and a big gun sure enough over 5 minutes into it and it was identified by viewers as a 9 mm automatic. He shot Kennedy in the side of his head clear as day and moved the gun and shot Connaly. Those were shots 2 and 3. If you want the truth, look closely only at the driver a few times and tell me it’s spliced, really. Then watch Kennedy. The man who told this story was killed in a shoot out with U S Marshalls at his home. His name was William Cooper and he said at the time of the video that he was going to tell many secrets and he was afraid. RIP you both.